Bespoke lighting
that transforms your
garden after dark

Achieving the best outdoor lighting results takes experience, skills and a subtle eye.

It takes a specialist to create outcomes that show off your garden to spectacular effect.

Landscape lighting requires a very distinct set of abilities to landscape design and execution. But one must understand the other and work in harmony together to create the best possible outcome for the homeowner.

This is why we encourage you, as the homeowner, to recommend that your garden designer and contractor contact us at Light on Landscape for the most current advice and technology.

Light on Landscape offers the full suite of services, from consultation and design to supply, installation and maintenance. All supported by the latest technical knowledge and advice. And we only stock quality products that represent value for money because they are made to last.

Call us or visit our retail studio to determine the right collaborative approach to delivering your ideal garden lighting solution.


Effective landscape lighting requires a combination of strong design skills, technical knowledge and thorough planning. The following examples demonstrate how Light on Landscape puts all this into action to spectacular effect.