Riverside Garden

It was love at first sight when our client saw this spectacular property when strolling along the winding Yarra one day.

The dramatic 45 degree slope from the house down to the river made it a unique and challenging brief for both landscape designer, Eckersley Garden Architecture, and lighting designer, Light on Landscape.

It has been invigorating to work with our long-term client over the years, who has trusted us to realise their ambitious and inspiring visions.
The inspiration for the garden was Guilfoyle’s Volcano Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens and our client wanted to light the garden to create a sense of enchantment, and an ‘invitation for adventure’, encouraging people through the space and down to the river.

Our well-travelled clients wanted to create an eclectic outcome, reminiscent of their special moments abroad. We used bespoke lanterns to light the terracing, soft uplighting for the trees, and a lit bird-cage, artfully installed in the grand Moreton Bay fig, to mark the garden’s river-end.

Our client was delighted with the outcome – the tranquillity, and the real sense of peace.

Photography: Peter Clarke, Latitude Group.