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Drive Way Light

Application: Inground

A luminaire designed to mount flush with the level of the driveway, pathway, hotel floors or building foyer. A ‘Flush Fit’ lens stops water pooling and depositing dirt on the lens. There is no lip to trip over. The luminaire can be driven over or walked upon without damaging it.* Designed so the lamp can be angled up to 20 degrees directed at a bush, tree, or the outside of a building, etc., without the need to remove the luminaire from the mounting canister due to the vandal-resistant three allen head screw fixing system which attaches the flange to the body of the luminaire.

IP 68 Joining Kit IP67


  • 149Ø x 145H

Power Input

    12V AC, 24V DC, Series

Lamp details

  • Lamp LED Module, MR16

Power usage


Colour Temperature

    2700k, 3000k





Finish type

  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel

Important notes

* Maximum drive over speed 10 km/h and weight 1500 kg **Installed in canister with 3 stainless steel allen head scews.


Light on Landscape strongly recommend that all luminaires be correctly installed and maintained. Failure to do so will result in the voiding of the manufacturer’s warranty and the reduced efficiency, performance and life of the fixture. To eliminate voltage drop, we advise that the recommended UV stabilized cable and run lengths are used, along with soldered joins, heat shrink connectors and quality lamps.


Supplied with a mounting canister for casting in concrete to facilitate ease of installation