Bring your vision to light.

Effective landscape lighting requires a combination of solid design skills, technical knowledge and thorough planning. Our design team can consult on all facets of landscape lighting design, while our technicians advise on the best solutions for the environment you are creating.

Whether you’re highlighting a garden feature or just adding depth to an under-utilised space, we can give you helpful advice and supply what you need to produce a stunning garden environment. And with over 30 years’ experience behind us, we can provide cost-effective solutions to showcase your design and reduce project time.


‘We are very pleased to rely on Light on Landscape’s sensitive aesthetics to carry through our visual concepts of outdoor space lighting. With Light on Landscape there is no compromise to the integrity of our design and they also interpret our understated approach to lighting. We look forward to working with them on future designs and appreciate their professionalism in a discipline that is not often given its true value.’
– Rick Eckersley, Landscape Designer, Eckersley Garden Architect


Large range of quality products at competitive prices

Light on Landscape’s extensive and reliable supply chain ensures we source the right product for your needs and make sure it arrives when you expect it to. Our expert knowledge of all products we supply, coupled with over 30 years’ lighting design experience guarantees we can supply stunning lighting solutions for your project.

We stock an extensive range of lighting and ancillary products including a wide range of light fixtures, cabling, voltage transformers, electronics, lamps, lanterns and LED lighting displays and drivers. We are also mindful of running costs, energy consumption and environmental issues. We keep abreast of the latest technologies in energy-efficient lighting, particularly with LED systems.

‘Designing for me is about identifying good products and skills that people can offer to help create a great garden. When I need landscape lighting, I welcome the knowledge of a lighting professional. I use Light on Landscape because my clients need personal service, not just sales. I know the person dealing with the client and myself is also the person responsible for the installation of the lighting on the job.’ – Jim Fogarty, Landscape Designer


With experts comes efficiency and peace of mind

With over 30 years’ experience in lighting design, our team of technicians provides a complete installation service, no matter the scale of the project. All our work and materials are guaranteed, and our technical team will ensure that the job is done right first time, every time.

Our installers have expert knowledge on cabling and use only the best fixtures and fittings, guaranteeing correct installation and perfect finishing. We go the extra mile to ensure no loose ends are left untied. This extends to us leaving the space clean and tidy after completing the installation.

‘Using Light on Landscape for lighting installation, I know it will be done right the first time. Installing garden lighting can be complex and Light on Landscape understands the importance of getting the technical details right. The installation team is always well briefed to get the job done correctly and efficiently. They only use quality fixtures and fittings and always give me a result my clients expect – beautiful garden lighting at the flick of a switch with no maintenance hassles.’ – Georgia McKay, Contract Check Project Management.


Consultation that makes business sense

Lighting concepts on paper don’t always translate into successful executions. It’s best to hand this aspect of the project to lighting experts who can solve issues promptly. We understand each step in the process, have the knowledge and technical expertise to anticipate potential pitfalls and deliver a best practice solution to your project.

It’s not unheard of for lighting aspects to run into problems – problems that can cause costly delays, workflow interruptions and a clients loss of confidence in your landscaping team. Outsourcing the management of your lighting project to a professional is an added insurance against unforeseeable installation challenges and miscalculations.

‘We greatly appreciated your expertise and ability to work seamlessly with all members of the project team which included landscape designers, electricians and building contractors. We valued your commitment to the project and the follow up service and advice that you have provided. Light on Landscape was a very important part of our design and architectural team.’
– Julie Ann Cox.


Protect and enjoy your investment year in, year out

Landscape lighting design is an investment in property. Successful design adds value, creates an external focal point that encourages usage and aids in extracting maximum return on your investment if you decide to sell.

However, a poorly maintained exterior living space can become a costly exercise. Without proper maintenance landscape lighting can become lacklustre and inefficient. Proper maintenance is an insurance policy; it ensures longevity of your asset and avoids costly repairs in the future. Light on Landscape has been a trusted supplier and maintenance provider to the landscape design industry for over 10 years. Our tailored maintenance services help safeguard your investment, placing your outdoor living spaces in the best possible light.

‘Garden lighting is by default high maintenance and even the best materials deteriorate when exposed to the elements. A thorough and regular maintenance program serves as my insurance policy against breakdowns and costly repairs. I can rely on Light on Landscape to ensure my garden lighting works beautifully all year round.’
– George Phillips


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