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Consultation that makes business sense

Lighting concepts on paper don’t always translate into successful executions. It’s best to hand this aspect of the project to lighting experts who can solve issues promptly. We understand each step in the process, have the knowledge and technical expertise to anticipate potential pitfalls and deliver a best practice solution to your project.

Outsourcing the management of your lighting project to a professional is an added insurance against unforeseeable installation challenges and miscalculations – issues that can otherwise cause costly delays, workflow interruptions and a client’s loss of confidence in your landscaping team.


The advantage of site visits

Site visits are the most authentic way to get a sense of a project’s scope and potential. They help promote discussion and encourage ideas. Depending on the time of day or night, they offer the chance for a fresh perspective and highlight ways to bring the unique characteristics of a landscape to life. For this reason we welcome the opportunity to undertake site visits, including those in regional areas or overseas.


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Visit us at Light on Landscape to discuss your needs with our team. Browse our in-store selection of popular lights, recent arrivals from our artisan workshops and our range of unique antique lights.

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