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Our work with architects and designers


Context is everything in design. So it makes sense that landscape lighting should do so much more than simply illuminate a garden. The best landscape lighting takes each environmental element into account and works subtly to present the best possible overall experience for viewers. This is why we value collaboration with architects. After all, landscape is the context for their creations. Our architect partners appreciate that no urban design – built or landscaped – can realise its intended purpose in isolation. Like relationships in nature, one must appear to be an extension of the other. When the transition between the two seems effortless, we’ve done our job well.

We also use the latest communication tools and design programs to ensure a seamless collaboration with architects and designers. This includes CAD, and integrated search and selection tools.


Working process

At Light on Landscape, we respect an architect’s role and collaborate as colleagues. Every architect works differently. We are always happy to support their methodology and encourage them to engage us early so the lighting design integrates effectively into the architectural vision and project budget. A keen eye and an honest approach can mean potential issues get addressed before they become real issues, saving time and resources.

We understand that every architect has an individual approach to maintaining strong, ongoing client relationships. At Light on Landscape, we accommodate those differences and enjoy working within the particular sensibilities of each architect. We are also open to sharing our experience and expertise. Such open collaboration of ideas, product innovation and design aesthetic is the only way to produce the best outcomes, inside and out.


Product quality and innovation

Specifying quality products is essential, especially when subject to the rigour of outdoor use. Quality lasts and improves the overall design aesthetic. At Light on Landscape, we are always innovating and apply the same mindset to sourcing great new product design from around the world. Contemporary, high quality products are also compatible with equivalent fittings and fixtures specified by our architect partners. Choice and price are equally important. Which is why we offer a diverse range of lighting products that are affordable, aesthetically appealing and durable.

This partner section is a free service, which allows architects, designers to:

  • create and save visual storyboards of products for their projects for the purpose of selecting, scheduling and pricing
  • access detailed technical product specifications
  • have priority access to a lighting design service and technical product advice

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