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Pond Light

Application: Underwater

The LOL-UND-0198 is fully submersible and is adjustable on two planes.The luminaire is ideal for illuminating sculptures or other water features. A version with a weighted base is available, allowing the luminaire to be placed in the pond without drilling fixing holes to mount it. It is supplied with a 3 metre submersible cable.This luminaire is machined from a choice of 10mm solid aluminium with a UV stable powder coated fi nish, solid copper or 316 stainless steel with a clear, tempered, flush glass lens and high temperature silicon gaskets.



  • 64W x 142H or 167H

Power Input

    12V, 24V

Lamp details

  • Lamp MR16

Power usage


Beam Angles

    10, 38, 60

Dimming system

  • - Phase
  • DALI Interface
  • 0-10 Volt

Finish type

  • Copper
  • variety of Powdercoat colours
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Important notes

* optional weighted base. ** Copper may not be suitable use with fish. May be mounted to a depth of 2 metres ***Custom cable lengths avaible when ordering

General Notes & Installation

Note: All dimensions and other specifications can change without notice. Please contact Light on Landscape to confirm the availability and current specifications of this luminaire. Installation: Light on Landscape strongly recommend that all luminaires be correctly installed and maintained. Failure to do so will result in the voiding of the manufacturer's warranty and the reduced efficiency, performance and life of the fixture. To eliminate voltage drop, we advise that the recommended UV stabilized cable and run lengths are used, along with soldered joins, heat shrink connectors and quality lamps.


Screw or weighted base* with corrosion resistant screws