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Shielded Path Light

Application: Path

This luminaire is ideal for lighting flat areas decks paved courtyards and edge lighting paths. Type 1 has a low profile while Type 2 is suitable where core drilling is not an option. Both types direct light horizontally via a stainless steel reflector cone through a frosted glass lens to reduce glare. The dirt guard has been developed to prevent dirt mud and grass clippings from entering the optics area.

Reduced Glare IP66


  • Type 1

    20H x 88Ø
  • Type 2

    53H x 88Ø

Power Input

    12V AC, Series

Lamp details

  • Lamp LED Module

Power usage


Beam Angles


Colour Temperature

    3000k (90+), 4000k, 2700k, 3000k


    60 - 120


    85+, 90+ (3000 k)

Finish type

  • Copper
  • 316 Stainless Steel

Important notes

Suitable canisters are availble for Type 1 casting where in concrete or mounting in a wooden deck. Two screw holes in the flange can be speciified if cannisters are not required


Surface or Recessed