Harcourt Street

Bring your vision to light.

Lighting Design by Amander Flaherty
Garden Design by Paul Bangay

Accentuating the exquisite garden and striking architecture of this Harcourt Street residence were the goals behind this property’s lighting design. From the moment of arrival, the visitor is led on a journey from their car to the entrance, directed along a corridor of light. Extensive moonlighting highlights feature trees and plants, recasting the garden in an austere, yet soft light, bringing out its rich textures and colours.

To frame the garden as a nighttime paradise, Light on Landscape based their design on the beautiful and large trees dotted around the grounds.

To blend the classic architecture of the front of the property with the modern renovations at the rear, a series of custom-built lanterns were commissioned to provide a smooth transition between the two. Use of local artisans alongside large manufactures is a central tenant of Light on Landscape’s design philosophy. Using a wide range of suppliers and tailored elements ensures each job not only uses the best available products, but is also unique.


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