Our design brief was to light areas of the garden without them seeming to be illuminated. The garden was divided into rooms – an area each for reading, eating and playing – with their own personality, aesthetic and function.

Our challenge was to accentuate the personality of each room without putting any one of them on a pedestal. Subtlety and harmony were the keys to this project. As the garden was relatively young, it was critical to light the garden with the mature one in mind. Light on Landscape installed the 40 fittings specified, working in tandem with the landscape and electrical contractors.

Key challenges were to keep the cabling neat on the double storey residence because they would be exposed until the creepers grew.

Fixture positioning had to be flexible to allow for plant growth. Cabling was carefully planned to ensure easy access in case it was damaged and extra cable tail length was provided to allow for fine-tuning. Cleanliness and safety considerations were especially important because a family was living in the house during the project. Our client was delighted with the outcome. We visit the garden twice a year as part of a lighting maintenance program to ensure all fittings are working well and to reduce potentially costly repairs.