St Kilda Road

Bring your vision to light.

Landscape Design by Paul Bangay
Lighting design, supply, installation and project management by Light on Landscape.

The Royal Domain has two exterior foyers, one for offices, the other for residents, and our challenge was to open these up to prevent a creative effect. The developers also wanted street presence for the building and we used a combination of uplighting and downlighting to make sure the exterior features were displayed to their best effect. Our lighting plan needed to bring landscape designer, Paul Bangay’s vision of an inviting, luxurious and distinctly European entrance to light.

This project wasn’t short of its challenges. Light on Landscape installed the 200 fittings specified using their in-house installers working in tandem with electrical and landscape contractors. Because of the tight timing of the development, around 20 tradespeople were working on the entrance area at any one time. Careful planning of the electrical feeds was critical because of the difficult-to-access electrical source. As the public was accessing the building during the development, safety and cleanliness considerations were top-of-mind. The lighting design was very much a working design and needed to be altered throughout the project to reflect the changing parameters.

Our client was impressed by not only the result but the process. A project of this size with such a tight deadline doesn’t come together without highly skilled professionals working together as a team.


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