South Yarra

Bring your vision to light.

Lighting Design by Amander Flaherty
Garden Design by Paul Bangay

Our client wanted to create an outdoor space conducive to entertaining and relaxation. Paul Bangay was briefed to design and outdoor space that mirrored the comfort the client’s indoor living rooms. To achieve this effect, Bangay approached Light on Landscape to assist with the lighting scheme.

Our brief was to create a usable outdoor space and enhance the night-time feel of the place. In collaboration with Bangay, our team highlighted the building with up and down accent lights, gave the garden hedge a general lighting wash and changed the lenses in the pool walls to red LEDs to add contrast. As a finishing touch, tabletop lanterns with adjustable dimmers were installed to give the area a cosier ambience.

Our client was delighted with the outcome. The lighting plan created the intended effect – bringing the inside out.

As with every Light on Landscape design, the user is always kept in mind. There is a real pyschological connection with light and our client agrees that the lighting has made all the difference. In the absence of lighting at night, the place is dark and univiting, but then with a flick of a switch, the place is transformed.


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