Lighting design, supply, installation and maintenance

The stunning results achieved at Linlithgow can be attributed to the harmonious marriage of bespoke external lights together with well placed, understated step/path lighting. Aesthetically the outcome is dramatic through its subtlety, mirroring the quality and integrity of one of Melbourne’s finest leafy residences. Light on Landscape were commissioned early in this rebuilding project to supply, install and maintain the external lighting of this grand property‚™’s garden, water feature, driveway, sculptures and outdoor dining area.

There were many separate aspects to the lighting design layout. All of the spaces required lighting continuity while also highlighting each area’s own distinct personality, through the employment of multiple styles and directional illumination techniques. Being a very textural garden moonlighting was employed for the front courtyard from the mature liquidambar; softly illuminating the tufts of lush lily and hydrangea mass planted below. Without doubt synergy was at play with the choice of Light on Landscape’s well known lantern lights and the scroll bracket pendants for the grand entry, which were perfect for this classically styled Nicholas Day home. Light on Landscape visits this garden as a part of a yearly maintenance schedule to ensure all fittings are kept in working order and to reduce potentially costly repairs.


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